Anthony Davis – OT – Rutgers

Scout: David Syvertsen

Height/Weight: 6’6 – 325

Pro Potential: Chris Samuels – Washington Redskins

Position Traits

Awareness/Reaction: Will lose focus once he commits to the inside block. Stunts to his outside shoulder have given him trouble since being move to left tackle.

Balance: Has a strong base that keeps him upright when engaged. Feet are constantly moving which enables him to maintain balance throughout.

Initial Quickness: Fires out of his stance and his on top of the defender in a blink. Has as good a first two steps going forward as any lineman in the country.

Movement/Space: When he gets going downfield, his momentum alone can take a defender out of a play. He has outstanding athleticism for a 325 pounder and appears to be comfortable and balance when in space.

Pass Blocking: Very powerful as a pass blocker. Locks up defenders and completely stifles them upon contact. Feet get him to the edge quick enough. Will bend at the waist at times, leaving him prone to the double move if he can’t lock on initially. Excellent recovery blocker that can still win the battle if he is beat at the point of attack.

Pulling/Trapping: Did play his first season at guard, so he does have more experience pulling than your normal tackle. Moves much better going straight ahead than moving down the line laterally. Will stand straight up when pulling which slows him down and decreases the power he exerts.

Run Blocking: Top tier run blocker. Looks to push his man not to the ground, but through it. Very aggressive drive blocker that plays through the whistle. Can completely take a defender out of the play when his technique and balance are there. Very powerful punch that gives him that intiail advantage that he consistently takes advantage of. Excellent arm extension.

Size/Length/Hand Size: Has the ideal body for an offensive tackle and he holds 325 pounds very well. Does not have a lot of loose fat on him. Long arms and big, powerful hands.

Strength/Explosion/Pop: Wins at the point of attack with his initial punch alone at times. Very strong upper body, looked like a man among boys against some teams. Fires out with power and stands the defender up.

Technique: The most inconsistent aspect of his game. Will bend at the waist, especially late in games when he begins to fatigue. Footwork is consistent however. Keeps them chopping and wide enough to maintain balance.

Final Word: Anthony Davis has a very good shot at being the first tackle taken this April. He certainly looks the part at 6’6/325 pounds, but he is more than just a sexy prospect from the naked eye. He is one of the more powerful linemen in this class and that should get him on the field right away. He has more than enough athleticism to get by and with some good coaching, his technique will evolve the point where he can be a Pro-Bowl caliber left tackle. He has battled some minor weight issues and been benched on two separate occasions for violating team rules, so there will need to be some investigating in to his character and work ethic.