Gerald McCoy

6’4, 295 pounds | Oklahoma | Defensive tackle

Pass rush: McCoy is a very good pass rusher for a defensive tackle. His impact on the pass game isn’t always evident in the stats, though. McCoy is relied upon in the Oklahoma defense to push the pocket back, opening gaps for linebackers to shoot. Gets off his blocks as good as any defensive tackle in the country. Has developed a nice counter move that helps him separate after initial contact.

Pursuit: Backside pursuit is decent but not quite as good as you’d like. McCoy will sometimes take a bad angle against shifty running backs and will get top heavy in his pursuit. Has an impressive burst in the short area to get to quarterbacks. At his best working in the box. McCoy’s play recognition instincts are very good, but he doesn’t make a lot of plays away from the line.

Quickness: McCoy gets off the snap as fast as any interior lineman in the nation. Routinely gets across the face of offensive linemen. Has good hips that he can flip quickly to move laterally down the line.

Run defend: Although McCoy doesn’t really have the size to be a traditional two-gap defensive tackle, he consistently makes plays against the run. His strength allows him to maintain position in the middle.

Size: McCoy has good size, but it looks like his frame could handle another 10-15 pounds of mass. Frame is very lanky. Appears to have long arms.

Strength: McCoy might not have the natural brute strength a lot of defensive tackles possess. He makes up for it in his leverage and aggression.

Tackling: A disciplined tackler who shows good technique. Plays with a lot of effort, and it shows in his takedown ability. Doesn’t go for the highlight reel hit, opting instead for the sure tackle.

Technique: Actively uses his hands immediately off the snap to shed blockers. Keeps low and aggressively drives his legs. Does an above-average job of protecting his feet.

Versatility: McCoy is almost strictly a 4-3 defensive tackle. His skill set would not suit a 3-4 nose tackle. He may be able to hold up as a 3-4 end, but that position wouldn’t best utilize his skills.