Luke Irwin is back off another week long pilgrimage. Which games should you be watching, and how does Coach Luke get his guys fired up for the Big Game?

Wednesday October 21

Tulsa @ UTEP: ESPN

Thursday October 22

Florida State @ North Carolina: ESPN

Friday October 23

Rutgers @ Army: ESPN2

Saturday October 24

Minnesota @ Ohio State: ESPN
Illinois @ Purdue: ESPN2
UConn @ West Virginia: ESPNU
Indiana @ Northwestern: BigTen

Iowa State @ Nebraska: FSN
Oklahoma State @ Baylor: Versus

Tennessee @ Alabama: CBS
Boston College @ Notre Dame: NBC
Oregon @ Washington: ABC
Clemson @ Miami: ABC/ESPN
Oklahoma @ Kansas: ABC
Penn State @ Michigan: ABC/ESPN
Louisville @ Cincinnati: ESPNU
Wake Forest @ Navy: CBSCollege

Air Force @ Utah: Versus

Vanderbilt @ South Carolina: ESPNU
Iowa @ Michigan State: BigTen

Florida @ Mississippi State: ESPN
Auburn @ LSU: ESPN2
TCU @ BYU: Versus
SMU @ Houston: CBSCollege

Oregon State @ USC: ABC
Texas @ Missouri: ABC

Arizona State @ Stanford: FSN
Fresno State @ New Mexico State: ESPNU
(Due to my Notre Dame fandom, I don’t include ND in any individual game profiles. Figure I’d save you the homerism.)

Game of the Week
Tennessee @ Alabama. Yeesh, this week had such promise before Oklahoma, Kansas, and LSU had rough losses. So now, yes, we’re left with a game of the week that features *shudder* Jonathan Crompton. Eee gads. Yes, he had a good week, but he’s still the unequivocal worst quarterback in Division I-A. Thankfully, Tennessee has a fantastic defense, led by All-World Eric Berry, and a batshit nutty coach, so who knows what will happen? Alabama will probably win 28-3, but it’ll still be interesting to see if the unpredictable Vols, who pushed Florida to the limit, can take them down.

Upset of the Week:
BYU over TCU. Loss to Florida State aside, this is a good team. Just not a team that’s used to having the national spotlight on them. But a team that can dethrone a conference foe at home, ending their BCS hopes? Absolutely.

Don’t Touch That Dial (Game You’ll be Surprised You’re Still Watching)
UConn @ West Virginia. It’s a weak slate of Noon games, and I wouldn’t recommend watching Terrelle Pryor attempt to throw a football to anyone, lest it be hazardous to your health, so let’s watch the past vs. the future of Big East football. Can UConn take down the perennial Big East caretaker and finally stake their claim as the next big thing in the Big East?

Gambling Locks o’ the Week (Except for my upset pick, natch)
Season: 6-6 
Minnesota +17 vs. Ohio State
Idaho +11 vs. Nevada
Temple +3 vs. Toledo

Gameday Food of the Week



“What’s the password?” “New England. Clam. Chowder.” “Is that the red or the white?” “Arrghhaaa! I can never remember that! White?” *door opens*. That’s all you need to know about this great fall food. Screw that garbage from Manhattan. I hate to give the greater New England area credit for anything, but this is awesome. A shitload of seafood in a filling soup form? Awesome. Bring a pot of this to your party/tailgate with some paper bowls and plastic spoons, and revel in it. Ace Ventura quotes while eating it encouraged.

Gameday Drink of the Week



Damn, I love fall. Fall beers are awesome, and this is a goodie. Sure, it’s not a microbrew, you fuggin beer snobs, but it’s a quality fall beer that isn’t too overwhelming (so you and your lady can share a 12-pack), goes great with fall food, and is reasonably priced. Remember, this is tailgaiting/party food and drink. Yes, there are fuller, richer, pumpkin beers out there, but tailgates were never meant for one beer with dinner. You can easily put down 6-12 of these without feeli

ng too full. Viva autumn, friends.

Gameday Jersey of the Week


I’m a fan of most anything orange, and one of my favorite players’ college jersey is no exception. What an animal Barry was in college. Unlike Herschel, he was one of the few that was able to replicate his college magic to the pros. Great jersey, great player. 

Gameday Peptalk of the Week

Well men, the BCS rankings came out recently, so you know where your favorite team stands in the national title hunt. Somehow the Big 12 is still getting the benefit of the doubt despite being HORRIBLE this year. The SEC is having a down year, besides Alabama, and the ACC is still an also-ran after a Virginia Tech loss. So dare I say it, should we root for the Big Ten and Big East? Pete Fiutak, my favorite college football writer, talked about how a Cincinnati vs. Iowa national title game wouldn’t be bad, and would be a great game. I agree. It will have been seven years since either a Big 12 or SEC team was in the national championship game when that time rolls around. Personally, I’m ready for something new. Kirk Ferentz’s rise and fall at Iowa (all the while turning down NFL jobs through thick and thin), should be a bigger story than it is, and Brian Kelly might be the best coach in college football today. So I’ll reiterate Pete Fiutak’s question. Would Iowa vs. Cincinnati be so bad? No, it most certainly would not be.