Offensive Tackle Russell Okung- #76 Oklahoma State

Russell Okung #76| Oklahoma State
Scout: Matt Miller
Height/Weight 6’5″/302lbs
40 Time N/A
Ideal System: Man blocking scheme
Pro Potential: D’Brickashaw Ferguson
Position Traits:
Agility An agile player who moves well on the field. Can get to every angle and the second level. Will not struggle against speed rushers due to his ability to take smart angles.
Movement Is not asked to pull or trap much. Plays in a man scheme where he does not come down the line often. Does show the footwork to do well in this offense. Gets to linebackers well at the second level. Moves well inside and out when mirroring. Will not be a liablity against inside blitzes. Can move to protect his gap.
Pass Blocking Looks like an elite prospect in pass-pro. Has good height and reach. A quick bucket step. Able to kick slide to the edge quickly. Has a quick get up. Chops his feet well when mirroring pass rusher. Consistent at cutting off the edge and moving back inside to cut off spin moves. Cuts effectively and quickly. No hesitation. Doesn’t have an elite punch, but it does show potential. Inconsistent against power rushers at anchor. Comes out too high at times and can get blown back. Can take over a game and dominate the defense’s best rusher.
Quickness Does not have elite foot speed compared to previous top prospects. Does have great size and athleticism.
Run Blocking Is a much better pass blocker than run blocker. Falls in to bad habits of leaning forward and lunging at defenders. Needs more balance. Is not strong or menacing as a drive blocker. Looks for kill shot too often. Does move his legs well throughout contact. Doesn’t quit on a play. Does a great job of engaging defender, but needs work on driving and pad height. Pushes defender will right or left to make running lanes. Uses angles more than muscle. Gets to the second level well- thanks to his agility and quickness.
Strength Is not phenomenally strong. Needs work, but has the body type to add muscle. Is very lean at 302lbs. Will benefit from a NFL workout regiment. Shows enough strength to latch and move, but is not a drive blocker at the point of attack.
Technique Comes out too high at times in pass-pro and run blocking. Leans over his knees too often. Is not a puncher, but can dominate in close quarters or when latched on to the defender. A beautiful kick slide and bucket step.
Versatility Is somewhat one-dimensional and can be viewed as a finesse player. Shows some intrigue as a guard prospect, but may not be strong enough for the position. Is strictly a blind-side protector.