Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh- #93 Nebraska

Ndamukong Suh #93 | Nebraska
Scout: Matt Miller  
Height/Weight 6’4″/300lb
40 Time N/A
Ideal System: 4-3 or 3-4
Pro Potential: Albert Haynesworth, Washington Redskins
Position Traits:  
Agility Is surprisingly agile for a man his size. His ability to fire off the ball quickly and get in to the backfield reminds you of a young Warren Sapp, however he plays with more balance than Sapp.
Leverage Started his career at Nebraska as a nose tackle. Has experience firing out low and using his size to get an advantage over a center or guard. Uses his strength to drive back linemen more than using leverage.
Pass Rush Is an effective pass rusher, notching 7.5 sacks in 2008. Suh has good height and length, which he uses to wrap up passers and block passing lanes. Has quick hands and can disengage blockers at the point of attack. Uses a punch and swim to knock the blocker off balance. Shows potential in space because of his superb footwork and agility. Has shown a good inside spin move to break inside the guard. Does tend to wear down on longer plays and can be seen waiting for the ball to be thrown when tired. Could excel in a 3-4 with his combination of speed, strength and agility.
Pursuit Works well coming off his pass rush to disrupt a screen or chase ball carriers. Has enough short-line speed to run down the ball in the backfield. Has long arms for wrapping up and/or stopping the ball carrier.
Quickness Very good initial quickness and burst. Anticipates the snap count and fires off in to his man. Is not timid. Shows great quickness in space and when lined up on the edge.
Recognition An intelligent player on and off the field. Sees and reads plays quickly and reacts well. Consistently recognizes screens, draws and stretch plays. Can be drawn off-sides with a hard cadence occassionally.
Run Defend Shows good vision and awareness in the run game. Will hold up his blocker on the inside and look for the inside rush. Breaks through double teams well and fights through traffic to make the play. Moves down the line well. Has the size to disrupt zone blocking schemes. Does come out too high at times. Will lose anchor against teams who double him. Looks smooth getting away from cut blocks. Can be inconsistent holding his ground at the point of attack.
Strength Is a strong player with a good build. His low center of gravity helps, as most of his strength is in the lower body. Is strong enough to collapse the pocket and fight off double teams. Has strong hands and uses them well disengaging.
Tackling Suh led the Huskers in tackles during the 2008 season, a rare feat for a defensive tackle. Is a gang-tackler. Has the needed athleticism to chase and make open-field tackles. Good explosion. Will chase on screens and stretch plays.
Technique As a nose tackle in the 4-3 defense, Suh shows good technique in driving in to his blocker, disengaging from the initial block and working down the line of scrimmage when the ball is away. As a pass rusher, Suh has great quickness and can get around most interior linemen. On the edge he has the speed and agility to get by tackles (especially right tackles) and make a play on the backfield.
Versatility Has been used as a nose tackle in a 4-3, an end in a 3-4 and a goal line fullback.