The St. Louis Rams are making a solid case for being the worst team in the NFL this year. Insert Matt Miller as the General Manager and see what changes need made to restore the Rams to glory.

Building Blocks: Every franchise in the NFL, no matter how bad, has key players on the roster worth building around. The Rams draft classes in the past five years have not yielded many starters, or even quality depth. By looking at the Rams draft history, depth chart and current roster we can diagnose which players to keep on the roster, as well as learn from past drafting errors.

2005- 2009 NFL Draft Classes:
Key: Starter |
Back up | No longer on team

2005: Alex Barron (1), Ronald Bartell (2), OJ Atogwe (3), Richie Incognito (3), Jerome Carter (4), Claude Terrell (4), Jerome Collins (5), Dante Ridgeway (6), Reggie Hodges (6), Ryan Fitzpatrick (7), Madison Hedgecock (7)

2006: Tye Hill (1), Joe Klopfenstein (2), Claude Wroten (3), Jon Alston (3), Dominique Byrd (3), Victor Adeyanju (4), Marques Hagans (5), Tim McGarigle (7), Mark Setterstrom (7), Tony Palmer (7)

2007: Adam Carriker (1), Brian Leonard (2), Jonathan Wade (3), Dustin Fry (5), Clifton Ryan (5), Ken Shackleford (6), Keith Jackson (7), Derek Stanley (7)

2008: Chris Long (1), Donnie Avery (2), John Greco (3), Justin King (4), Keenan Burton (4), Roy Schuening (5), Chris Chamberlain (7), David Vobora (7)

2009: Jason Smith (1), James Laurinaitis (2), Bradley Fletcher (3), Dorell Scott (4), Brooks Foster (5), Keith Null (6), Chris Ogbonnaya (7)

Players: The cupboard is not bare in St. Louis, but the constant coaching changes have left the Rams with many players that do not fit the current system.
QB-  Keith Null
RB/FB- Steven Jackson, Mike Karney
WR/TE-Keenan Burton, Donnie Avery, Laurent Robinson
OL- Alex Barron, Jacob Bell, Jason Brown, Mark Settestrom, Jason Smith, John Greco, Adam Goldberg, Roger Allen
DL- Victor Adeyanju (FA), Clifton Ryan (FA), Adam Carriker, Dorell Scott, Chris Long, James Hall, Gary Gibson, LaJuan Ramsey
LB- James Laurinaitis, Will Witherspoon, Paris Lenon, Chris Chamberlain, Larry Grant
DB- OJ Atogwe (FA), Ron Bartell, Jonathan Wade, Justin King, Bradley Fletcher, James Butler, Quincy Butler, Anthony Smith, Craig Dahl
Spec.-  Donnie Jones, Josh Brown, Chris Massey

QB- Kyle Boller (FA), Marc Bulger (cut)
RB/FB- Kenneth Darby (FA), Samkon Gado (cut)
WR/TE- Ronald Curry (FA), Randy McMichael (FA), Ruvell Martin (cut), Daniel Felts (cut), Billy Bajema (cut)
OL- Richie Incognito (FA)
DL- Leonard Little (FA), C.J. Ah You (cut), Hollis Thomas (retire)

The Draft:
St. Louis figures to be picking very early in the first round. How early cannot be known, but for the sake of analysis we will give them the 1st overall selection (which is very likely).
Depth- RB, OT, OG, OC, DE, DT, OLB, SS, FS

1st- Jake Locker, QB, Washington
2nd- Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State
3rd- Chris Brown, RB, Oklahoma
4th- Rico McCoy, OLB, Tennessee
5th- Andrew Quarless, TE, Penn State
6th- Bryan Anderson, WR, Central Michigan
7th- Kyle McCarthy, SS, Notre Dame
7th (from Atlanta)- Austen Lane, DE, Murray State

Free Agency: Teams can build through free agency as well as through the draft with a sound plan in place. Without this, free agency can turn in to attempts to sign the first big-name player, or a venture to assemble an All Star teams. The 2002 New England Patriots were built using free agency to grab mid-level players with experience that could provide depth and play good system football.

Post-Draft Needs:
Starters- QB, WR, TE, CB
Depth- RB, TE, OT, OG, OC, DE, DT, OLB, FS

QB David Carr (NYG), RB Jerome Harrison (CLE),  WR Kevin Walter (HOU), TE Anthony Fasano (MIA), TE Leonard Pope (FA), OG Kevin Boothe (NYG), DT  Barry Cofield (NYG), OLB Chase Blackburn (NYG)

Depth Chart:
David Carr, Jake Locker, Keith Null
Stephen Jackson, Chris Brown, Jerome Harrison; Mike Karney
Kevin Walter, Donnie Avery, Laurent Robinson, Keenan Burton, Bryan Anderson
Anthony Fasano, Leonard Pope, Andrew Quarles
Alex Barron, Adam Goldberg
Jacob Bell, Roger Allen
Jason Brown, Mark Setterstrom
Kevin Boothe, John Greco
Jason Smith, Adam Goldberg

LE- Adam Carriker, Victor Adeyanju
Barry Cofield, Gary Gibson, Dorell Scott
Clifton Ryan, LaJuan Ramsey
Chris Long, James Hall
Chase Blackburn, Larry Grant
James Laurinaitis, Paris Lenon
Will Witherspoon, Chris Chamerblain
Perrish Cox, Ron Bartell, Justin King
OJ Atogwe, David Roach, Anthony Smith
James Butler, Craig Dahl
Jonathan Wade, Bradley Fletcher, Quincy Butler

K- Josh Brown
Donnie Jones
LS- Chris Massey
Donnie Avery
Donnie Avery