We’ve started the process of scouting our 2008 game film in preparation for the 2010 NFL Draft. Here’s a sneak peak at the first of many scouting reports coming your way. Quarterback Colt McCoy.

Colt McCoy
#12 | Texas

Scout: Matt Miller

Height/Weight: 6’3 | 213lbs
40 Time: N/A

Ideal System: Spread offense (Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers/Indianapolis Colts)
Pro Potential: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

NES Rank: #1 overall
NES Position Rank: #1 quarterback

Position Traits:
Accuracy: Shows good touch on passes to the flats. Throws most passes to zone routes- receivers are in an opening and not moving. Shows great touch on fade routes to his left. Hits on around 81% of his passes throughout his career. Does play in a system built to accentuate his accuracy.
Agility: One of the more agile passing quarterbacks in college football. A good all-around athlete. Solid balance and lower body flexibility. Runs low to the ground and high on his toes.
Arm Strength: Good zip on crossing routes. Throws hard to openings at 10-15 yards. Pushes the ball deep when throwing right and left. Leads receivers deep over the middle, but can put the ball in their chest too.
Decision Making: Runs a no-huddle offense and makes many line calls. Throws very few interceptions. Will run before forcing the ball into a bad spot. Throws well under pressure. Doesn’t jump or throw off his back foot.
Field Vision: Has poor backside vision at times- especially when stepping up. Sees openings to run and will step up to throw. Is tall enough to see passing lanes and look downfield when behind his line.

Mechanics: Adjusts the position of the ball depending on the route he is throwing (i.e. nose of the ball up, flat, down). Holds the ball high on his right shoulder. A good follow through with wrist snap. Varies his drop depending on the hot route- generally a two step for quick routes and three step for deeper routes. Very fast delivery. No hitches in his motion.
A respected runner by defenders. The UT offense is designed around his ability to pass and run. Led UT in rushing during ’08 season. Can run inside and out. Gets around five called running plays per game.
Pocket Awareness:
Plays from the shotgun. Gets good depth on two and three-step drops. Consistent in his drops and footwork. Can throw running left and right. Does get sacked more than you’d like, but is playing in a zone system. Would like to see better awareness from his backside.